Client Experiences

"Lauren has been a fantastic partner on my life journey. I have recently made huge changes in my life and she has helped me reconnect with my purpose and gain clarity about my priorities again. She has a very powerful way of reminding me about how great it is to be me!! With Lauren's support I have been able become much more authentic and true to myself both in my workplace and my private life. This has caused a major shift in opportunities that are showing up in my life. Thank you, Lauren!" - Marina C.

"As a strong, independent young woman, I have always had a hard time admitting when I need help. I like to tell myself that I can handle it, that I need to be resilient and stalwart in my approach to obstacles. I always told myself I don’t have as many struggles as other people, so I should buck-up and just figure it out. 

After making a serious career change, I had been feeling lost and indecisive about my next move. When Lauren offered to do a session with me, my habitual response kicked in. But then I decided to give it a try. I do not regret it for an instant. Lauren made the process so comfortable and empowering. 

She listens closely and asks the hard questions we don’t think to ask ourselves. She has a perceptive, intuitive ear and an open, welcoming heart. After meeting with her, I was able to finally uncover and verbalize what my obstacles were and make action-based steps toward conquering them. Now, I am well on my way to overcoming those obstacles and finding the success I desire. I cannot recommend Lauren’s services enough."  - Tina P.